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This problem is about Kabardian and was written by Peter Arkadiev. Given below are links to the problem in the working languages of the IOL.

Language Problem Solution
English (A) Problem:IOL/2015/i2/en(A)
English Problem:IOL/2015/i2/en
Bangla* Problem:IOL/2015/i2/bn
Bulgarian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/bg
Chinese (S) Problem:IOL/2015/i2/zh
Chinese (T) Problem:IOL/2015/i2/zt
Czech Problem:IOL/2015/i2/cs
Danish* Problem:IOL/2015/i2/da
Dutch Problem:IOL/2015/i2/nl
English (B) Problem:IOL/2015/i2/en(B)
Estonian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/et
Finnish* Problem:IOL/2015/i2/fi
French Problem:IOL/2015/i2/fr
German* Problem:IOL/2015/i2/de
Hungarian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/hu
Japanese Problem:IOL/2015/i2/ja
Korean* Problem:IOL/2015/i2/ko
Latvian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/lv
Polish Problem:IOL/2015/i2/pl
Portuguese Problem:IOL/2015/i2/pt(B)
Romanian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/ro
Russian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/ru
Slovenian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/sl
Spanish Problem:IOL/2015/i2/es
Swedish Problem:IOL/2015/i2/sv
Turkish Problem:IOL/2015/i2/tr
Ukrainian Problem:IOL/2015/i2/uk

* Languages marked with an asterisk are unofficial translations.