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United States of America
Flag of the United States of America
Current statusaccredited, active
Selection ProcessNorth American Computational Linguistics Open Competition
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The United States of America, also known as the US, is one of the active delegations of International Linguistics Olympiad.


The United States first competed in the IOL in 2007, and has competed in 13 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2019. They have sent 108 participants in 27 teams.

In competition, teams from the United States have brought home 74 medals (19 gold, 35 silver and 20 bronze), 11 trophies (8 gold and 3 silver), 8 first-place team cups, 22 best-solution prizes, 20 honorable mentions and 2 team contest honorable mentions.

In addition, the United States has sent 14 Repeat Medalists and 8 Dream Teams to the Hall of Fame.

The US teams are chosen through the NACLO, North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition



Team selection

The US teams are chosen through 2 rounds: the Open Round and the Invitational Round of the NACLO. The Open Round is open to all interested high school students, while the Invitational Round is given to the top 10% of scorers in the Open Round. The 4 highest scorers form the USA Red team, while the next 4 top scorers form the USA Blue team. The next 4 top scorers are alternates, and compete if one or more of the top 8 scorers of the exam are unavailable to participate.


Individual Contest Gold Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2019 Gold Wesley Zhang USA Red
2019 Gold Andrew Tockman USA Red
2018 Gold Swapnil Garg USA Red
2018 Gold Benjamin LaFond USA Blue
2018 Gold Pranav Krishna USA Red
2018 Gold Andrew Tockman USA Red
2017 Gold Brian Xiao USA Red
2016 Gold James Wedgwood USA Red
2015 Gold James Wedgwood USA Red
2015 Gold James Bloxham USA Red
2014 Gold Kevin Yang USA Red
2014 Gold Darryl Wu USA Red
2013 Gold Alexander Wade USA Red
2012 Gold Alexander Wade USA 2
2012 Gold Anderson Wang USA 1
2011 Gold Morris Alper USA Red
2010 Gold Ben Sklaroff USA Red
2008 Gold Hanzhi Zhu USA 2
2007 Gold Adam Hesterberg USA 1
2019 Silver Ziyan Lei USA Red
2019 Silver Skyelar Raiti USA Blue
2019 Silver Russell Emerine USA Red
2019 Silver Jeremy Zhou USA Blue
2019 Silver Pranav Krishna USA Blue
2018 Silver Mihir Singhal USA Blue
2018 Silver Ethan A. Chi USA Red
2018 Silver Russell Emerine USA Blue
2017 Silver Andrew Tockman USA Red
2017 Silver Joseph Feffer USA Blue
2017 Silver Ziyan Lei USA Red
2016 Silver Margarita Misirpashayeva USA Blue
2016 Silver Shuheng Niu USA Red
2016 Silver Erik Metz USA Red
2015 Silver Kevin M. Li USA Blue
2015 Silver Conor Stuart-Roe USA Red
2015 Silver Julian Gau USA Blue
2014 Silver Catherine Wu USA Blue
2014 Silver Deven Lahoti USA Red
2014 Silver Aaron Klein USA Red
2013 Silver Jeffrey Ling USA Blue
2012 Silver Darryl Wu USA 1
2012 Silver Allan Sadun USA 2
2012 Silver Aaron Klein USA 2
2011 Silver Wesley Jones USA Red
2011 Silver Allen Yuan USA White
2011 Silver Alexander Wade USA Blue
2011 Silver Duligur Ibeling USA Red
2010 Silver Martin Camacho USA Blue
2010 Silver Tian-Yi Damien Jiang USA Blue
2010 Silver Allen Yuan USA Red
2009 Silver Rebecca Jacobs USA Red
2008 Silver Anand Natarajan USA 1
2008 Silver Morris Alper USA 1
2018 Bronze Brian Xiao USA Red
2017 Bronze Siye Zhu USA Red
2017 Bronze Sonia Reilly USA Blue
2016 Bronze Wyatt R. Reeves USA Blue
2016 Bronze Siye Zhu USA Blue
2015 Bronze Nilai Sarda USA Blue
2014 Bronze Kevin Li USA Blue
2014 Bronze James Bloxham USA Blue
2013 Bronze Tom McCoy USA Red
2013 Bronze Maximilian Schindler USA Red
2012 Bronze Erik Andersen USA 2
2011 Bronze Aaron Klein USA Red
2010 Bronze Alexander Iriza USA Blue
2010 Bronze Alan Chang USA Blue
2009 Bronze Alan Huang USA Red
2009 Bronze John Berman USA Blue
2009 Bronze Sergei Bernstein USA Blue
2008 Bronze Guy Tabachnick USA 1
2008 Bronze Jeffrey Lim USA 2
2008 Bronze Rebecca Jacobs USA 2

Individual Contest Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2019 HM Katherine He USA Blue
2016 HM Laurestine Irene Bradford USA Red
2016 HM Jack LaFleur USA Blue
2015 HM Kevin Q Li USA Blue
2014 HM Brandon Epstein USA Blue
2014 HM Jacqueline Bredenberg USA Red
2013 HM Erik Andersen USA Blue
2013 HM Rebecca Burks USA Blue
2012 HM Samuel Zbarsky USA 1
2011 HM Ophir Lifschitz USA Blue
2011 HM Caroline Ellison USA Blue
2011 HM Arjun Srinivasan USA White
2011 HM Erik Andersen USA White
2011 HM Chelsea Voss USA White
2010 HM In-Sung Na USA Red
2010 HM Brian Kong USA Red
2009 HM Vivaek Shivakumar USA Blue
2009 HM Anand Natarajan USA Red
2009 HM Daryl Hansen USA Blue
2019 HM Morris Alper USA Red

Team Contest Trophies

Year Trophy Team
2018 Gold USA Blue
2014 Gold USA Red
2013 Gold USA Red
2012 Gold USA 2
2011 Gold USA Red
2009 Gold USA Red
2008 Gold USA 2
2007 Gold USA Red
2018 Silver USA Red
2015 Silver USA Red
2008 Silver USA 1

Team Contest Honorable Mentions

Year Award Team
2016 HM USA Blue
2016 HM USA Red

Best Solutions


Previous Host

The United States hosted IOL in 2011.


  • The runner of IOL Jeopardy, Dragomir Radev, is one of the US Coaches