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IOL 2003 Problem #4 Adyghe

Several sentences in Adyghe are written in a simplified romanisation and accompanied by their English translations:

1. śanyćyr hakum deʁəuco. He puts the kettle into the stove.
2. syda laʁəm tyriʒərər? What does he throw onto the plate?
3. aχśər pχwantym tyreʁafə. He drops the money onto the chest.
4. śywanyr ʔanym tyreʁəuco. He puts the cauldron onto the table.
5. syda pχənṭəḳum ć̣iʁafərər? What does he drop under the stool?
6. laʁər tyda zyć̣iʁəucorər? Where does he put the plate?
7. laʁər tyda zytyriʒərər? Where does he throw the plate?

(a) Offer more precise translations of sentences 6 and 7 (even if they don't sounds quite so natural in English).

(b) Translate into English:

8. pχənṭəḳur hakum deʒə.
9. aχśər tyda zydiʁafərər?

(c) Translate into Adyghe:

10. He puts the plate under the kettle.
11. What does he throw under the chest?
12. What does he drop into the cauldron?

(d) Translate into Adyghe in all possible ways:

13. Where does he put the table?

ć, ć̣, , ʁ, ś, , χ, ʒ, ʔ are specific consonants, ə and y are vowels of the Adyghe langyage. The Adyghe language is of the Abkhaz-Adyghean (North West Caucasian) language family. It is spoken by over 300 thousand people, mostly in the Republic of Adyghea (Russian Federation).

—Yakov Testelets