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IOL 2003 Problem #5 French

The table below contains French verbs with prefixes and the corresponding verbs without prefixes, along with the English translations of all. The shaded cells mean that there is a prefixed verb there with no prefixless counterpart. In some verbs the prefixes have been left out.

réagir react
___assortir pick again assortir pick
recommencer recommence commencer begin
recomposer compose anew composer compose
réconcilier reconcile concilier reconcile
réconforter comfort conforter comfort
recréer recreate créer create
récréer amuse
___curer clean curer clean
redire say again dire say
réduire reduce
rééditer publish again éditer publish
refaire redo, remake faire do, make
___former reform
___former form again former form
___futer refute
réincarner reincarnate incarner incarnate
rejouer resume playing jouer play
___lancer throw again lancer throw
___munérer remunerate
rénover renovate
réopérer operate again opérer operate
repartir depart once more partir depart
___partir distribute
répéter repeat
résonner sound sonner sound
révéler reveal

(a) Fill in the gaps using information from the table. Explain your solution.

—Boris Iomdin