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IOL 2004 Problem #1 Kayapo

Consider the following sentences in Kayapo language (printed in Latin transliteration) and their English translations:

1. Atoro kêt. You are not dancing.
2. Ba mẽ mẽ anhê. We are decorating you guys.
3. Ba rê. I am swimming.
4. Ga iku. You are devouring me.
5. Ga mẽ to. You guys are dancing.
6. Ije mẽ akuru kêt. I am not devouring you guys.
7. Mẽ aje inhêrê kêt. You guys are not decorating me.
8. Mẽ irêrê kêt. We are not swimming.

(a) Translate into English; if you believe that some sentences have several translations, give all of them:

9. Aje ikuru kêt.
10. Ba mẽ aku.
11. Irêrê kêt.

(b) Translate into Kayapo:

12. You guys are not devouring us.
13. We are not decorating you guys.
14. We are dancing.
15. I am devouring you.

and ê are specific vowels of Kayapo. Kayapo is an Indian language (Ge family). It is spoken by some 4000 people in Brazil.

—Peter A. Zubkov