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IOL 2005 Problem #2 Lango

Several Lango words and phrases are given with their unordered translations:

dyè ɔ̀t, dyè tyὲn, gìn, gìn wìc, ɲi̇́g, ɲi̇́g wàŋ, ɔ̀t cὲm, wìc ɔ̀t
eyeball, grain, roof, garment, floor, restaurant, sole of foot, hat

(a) Pair up the words with their correct translations.

(b) Translate into English: cὲm, dyè

(c) Translate into Lango: window

ɲ and ŋ are specific consonants, ɔ and ɛ are specific vowels of the Lango language. The marks «´» and «`» indicate the so-called tones (a higher or lower level of the voice during the pronunciation of the syllable). The Lango language is of the Nilotic branch of the Eastern Sudanic language family. It is spoken by more than 900 000 people in Uganda.

—Xenia A. Guiliarova