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IOL 2006 Problem #3 Khmer

Here are several Khmer words written in a special variety of the traditional Khmer alphabet (the so-called 'Round Script'), their English translations, as well as Roman transcriptions of these words in arbitrary order:

កាម passion
អាំ suck (a breast)
ពាម delta
នាំ lead, guide
ងាំ inarticulately
ងា​ក turn around
ចាំង trim, rough-hew
អាច be able
ចាំ wait
ពាំ hold in one's teeth
អាំង roast on a spit
ពាំង bar the way
មា​ន have
poьm, a:c, noьm, ŋoьm, cam, peьŋ, aŋ, caŋ, am, piъm, ŋiъk, ka:m, miъn

(a) Determine the correct correspondences.

(b) Write in the Roman script:

គាំ spoke (in a wheel)
គាគ crow
ងាំង bright red
ចាម Cham
នាម name
មាំ robust

a, , are short vowels, a:, are long vowels, ŋ, c are consonants; Chan is an ethnic group in Southeast Asia. Khmer is the official language of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is spoken by approx. 9 mln people.

—Sergey Dmitrenko