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IOL 2007 Problem #3 Georgian

Given below are verb forms of the Georgian language (in Roman transcription) and their English translations in arbitrary order:

vtkvi, kenit, inadiret, itavmGdomareve, vsadilobt, tkvi, vigoreb, vkeni, nadirob, visadileb, vinadire, ambob, vitavmGdomareve, izamt, vivlit
you say, we dine, you hunt, I said, you (pl.) did, I did, you said, I hunted, we will walk, I presided, I will roll, I will dine, you (pl.) hunted, you presided, you (pl.) will do

(a) Determine the correct correspondences. If you find more than one solution possible, indicate which one you think is more plausible and explain why.

G is a consonant pronounced as the first or the last sound in judge. Georgian is the official language of the Republic of Georgia. It is spoken by approx. 4.4 mln people.

—Yakov Testelets