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IOL 2008 Problem #4 Copainalá Zoque

The following are words in Copainalá Zoque and their English translations:

mis nakpatpit with your cactus kʌmʌŋdaʔm shadows
nakpat a cactus ʔʌs ncapkʌsmʌšeh as if above my sky
mokpittih only with the corn capšeh like a sky
pokskukyʌsmʌtaʔm above the chairs pahsungotoya for the squash
pokskuy a chair pahsunšehtaʔmdih just like squashes
peroltih only a kettle tʌckotoyatih only for the tooth
kocʌktaʔm mountains kumgukyʌsmʌ above the town
komgʌsmʌtih right above the post kumgukyotoyataʔm for the towns
ʔʌs ŋgom my post cakyotoya for the vine
kʌmʌŋbitšeh as if with the shadow mis ncay your vine
(a) Translate into English:
ʔʌs mok
mis ndʌctaʔm
(b) Translate into Copainalá Zoque:
for the chair
with my kettle
just like a mountain
above the shadows
your town

⚠ The Copainalá Zoque language is of the Mixe-Zoque linguistic family. It is spoken by approx. 10 000 people in the province Chiapas in southern Mexico.

ʌu in but; cts in hats (pronounced as a single consonant), ncnds in hands, š = sh, ŋ = ng in hang, y = y in yay!; ʔ is a specific consonant (the so-called glottal stop).

—Ivan Derzhanski