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IOL 2010 Problem #5 Romansh

Given are words of two dialects of the Romansh language and their English translations. Some cells have been left blank:

Sursilvan Engadine
tut tuot all
ura ura time
uolm elm
dunna duonna woman
num nom name
nums noms names
cuort short
insumma insomma finally
numer nomer number
mountain pass
plomba tooth filling
muossar to show
buglia buoglia mash, pulp
discuors discuors conversation
puolpa puolpa dried meat
angul angul angle
fuorma fuorma form
flur flur flower

(a) Fill in the gaps.

(b) what is labour in Sursilvan, lavur or lavuor? And in Engadine?

(c) In Engadine flowers is fluors and parents is genituors. You may think that it is the same in Sursilvan, but in fact the words there are flurs and geniturs. How can this be explained?

(d) Translate into both dialects: elms, angles.

⚠ Romansh belongs to the Rhaeto-Romance group of Romance. It is one of the four national languages of Switzerland, along with German, French and Italian. It is spoken by approx. 35 000 people in the canton of Graubünden.

—Boris Iomdin