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IOL 2012 Problem #3 Basque

Here are some sentences in Basque as well as their English translations in arbitrary order. One of the English sentences corresponds to two sentences in Basque:

ahaztu ditut, ahaztu zaizkit, ahaztu zaizu, hurbildu natzaizue, hurbildu zait, lagundu ditugu, lagundu dituzu, lagundu dute, lagundu nauzue, mintzatu natzaizu, mintzatu gatzaizkizue, mintzatu zaizkigu, ukitu ditugu, ukitu naute

you(sg) forgot him, they talked to us, I approached you(pl), I talked to you(sg), we helped them, you(pl) helped me, he approached me, we touched them, they touched me, you(sg) helped them, they helped him, we talked to you(pl), I forgot them

(a) Determine the correct correspondences.

(b) Translate into Basque: you(sg) touched me, they approached me.

(c) Translate into English: lagundu dut, hurbildu gatzaizkizu.

(d) One of the English sentences can be translated into Basque in one more way. Identify this sentence and give the other possible translation.

—Natalya Zaika