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IOL 2013 Problem #2 Tundra Yukaghir

Here are some words in Tundra Yukaghir and their English translations in arbitrary order:

ilennime, joqonnime, saancohoje, johudawur, ilenlegul, cireme, johul, aariinmøŋer, joqodile, møŋer, ciremennime, joqoncohoje, saadoŋoj, uoduo, oŋoj, aariinjohul, uodawur, joqol
gunshot, wooden box, nose, bird, Yakut knife, deer feed, bag, rifle’s muzzle, horse, nose case, wooden house, grandchild, thunder, Yakut person, cradle, herd of deer, wooden knife, nest

(a) Determine the correct correspondences.

(b) The word ewce means tip, point. Translate into English:

aarii, aariidoŋoj, ciremedawur, ile, johudewce, legul, saal, saannime, uo.
Two of these words have the same meaning as two of the words in the data.

(c) The word cuo means iron. Translate into Yukaghir:

iron bird, snoring, tip of knife’s blade, sack for provisions.
If you are not sure how to translate some word, explain why.

⚠ Tundra Yukaghir is the language of a small population in Northeast Siberia. It is only spoken by several dozen mostly aged people, as many Yukaghirs have abandoned it in favour of Russian or one of the languages of their more numerous neighbours, who are often bearers of more advanced material cultures (such as the Yakuts). A nose case serves to protect the nose from the cold.

—Ivan Derzhanski