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IOL 2014 Problem #1 Benabena

Here are some verb forms of Benabena and their English translations:

nohobe I am striking him
kahalune we will strike yousg
nokoho'ibe we both are striking yousg
nolenufu'inagihe because we both are piercing youpl
nolifi'ibe you both are piercing us
nofunagihe because I am piercing him
nofine yousg are piercing him
nifila'ibe you both will pierce me
nonahatagihe because yousg are striking me
lenahalube I will strike youpl
nahalanagihe because youpl will strike me
lahala'ibe you both will strike us
nofutagihe because we are piercing him
lenifilu'ibe we both will pierce youpl
noho'inagihe because we both are striking him

(a) Translate into English:

nonifibe, halu'ibe, lifilatagihe, nokufune, nolahanagihe.

(b) Translate into Benabena:

  • you both are striking him;
  • we will pierce yousg;
  • because we are striking youpl;
  • because youpl will pierce him.

⚠ The Benabena language belongs to the Trans-New Guinea family. It is spoken by approx. 45 000 people in Papua New Guinea.

—Ivan Derzhanski