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IOL 2014 Problem #4 Engenni

Here are some short dialogues in Engenni and their English translations:

1. edèì âno nwạ́sesè ozyí lẹlemù à? edèì ânò wei ga òkí nwạsese ozyí lẹlemù.
Will this man frighten the deceived thief?
This man said that hethis man would not frighten the deceived thief.
2. ạvùràmù kịnono amemùrè ânò à? ạvùràmù wei ga òkì kịnono amemùrè ânò.
Did the woman resemble this girl?
The woman said that shethe woman did resemble this girl.
3. ạmó lẹlemù ậnó wuese ạvùràmù à? ạmodhyòmù wei ga ò wuese ạvùràmù.
Did this deceived child not kill the woman?
The youth said that hethis deceived child did kill the woman.
4. edèí dhia gbúnonò ạmò à? ạvùràmú kofilomù wei ga o gbúnonò ạmò.
Will the evil man heal the child?
The coughing woman said that hethe evil man would heal the child.
5. amemùré dhiá kịnono opilopo ânò à? ạvùràmù wei ga ọ́ kịnono opilopo ânò.
Did the evil girl not resemble this pig?
The woman said that shethe evil girl did not resemble this pig.
6. ozyì gbunono okàá nụamù ậnò à? ozyì wei ga òkí gbunono okàá nụamù ậnò.
Did the thief heal this beaten old man?
The thief said that hethe thief did not heal this beaten old man.
7. ozyi âno knonò edèí kofilomù à? ạmò ậnò wei ga ọ́ kịnono edèí kofilomù.
Will this thief resemble the coughing man?
This child said that hethis thief would not resemble the coughing man.

(a) Translate into English:

8. edèì ânò nwạsese ozyi à? amemùrè wei ga ọ̀ nwạsese ozyi.
9. amemùré lẹlemu wúesè ạmodhyòmù ậnò à? amemùré lẹlemù wei ga òki wúesè ạmodhyòmù ậnò.
Here is also an answer in Engenni without a question for it:
10. ozyi ânò wei ga ạmó gbunono edèì.
Translate it into English. If it can be translated in more than one way, provide all translations and explain your reasoning.

(b) Translate into Engenni:

11. Will the old man resemble this coughing youth?
The child said that hethe old man would not resemble this coughing youth.
12. Did this beaten woman not frighten the man?
This beaten woman said that shethis beaten woman did not frighten the man.

(c) If you were to compile an Engenni dictionary, what would the base forms of the words thief and girl be? Explain your answer.

⚠ The Engenni language belongs to the Benue-Congo family. It is spoken by approx. 20 000 people in Nigeria. The mark . under a word's first vowel indicates that all of the word's vowels are pronounced with a slightly lowered tongue. The marks ́ , ̀ and ̂ indicate high, low, and falling tone, respectively; if none is present, the syllable has middle tone.

—Artūrs Semeņuks