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IOL 2016 Problem #2 Luvian

Here are some words in Luwian written in Roman script and their English translations:

  1. runtiyas deer
  2. patis foot
  3. harnisas fortress
  4. iziyanta they made
  5. turpis bread
  6. tarhunzas thunder
  7. hawis sheep
  8. sanawas good
  9. nimuwizas son
  10. zitis man
  11. piyanti they give
  12. hantawatis king
  13. istaris hand

All of the words above can be written in multiple ways in Luwian Hieroglyphs. In what follows, each word has been written in two possible ways, but in arbitrary order:

(!) No additional explanation besides the answers is required, nor will be marked.

(a) Match each Luwian word written in Roman script to its two corresponding hieroglyphic forms. State the correspondences as follows: “number ∼ two letters”.

(b) Here are two of the 13 words given above, written in a further possible way:

Determine which words they are.

(c) Briefly explain all the possible functions of the following Luwian symbols:

⚠ Luwian belongs to the Indo-European family. It was spoken in Asia Minor around 3000 years ago.

—Tae Hun Lee