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KLO 2019/20 Problem #1

Most of the English loanwords in the Kove language came through Tok Pisin, but, in many cases, their forms are different from the Tok Pisin forms. Following is the comparison between the Tok Pisin and Kove forms of English loanwords.

Tok Pisin Kove Meaning Tok Pisin Kove Meaning
pepa pepa paper lam lamu lamp
bot boto boat kap kapu cup
pen pene pen bal bali ball
fok foko fork hat hati hat
sisis sisisi scissors gras (1) grass
klos koloso clothes ais (2) ice
trausis tarausisi trousers sop (3) soap
plet pelete plate plaua (4) flower
spun supunu spoon haus sik (5) hospital
slipa silipa slipper tisa (6) teacher

(a) Fill in the blanks (1–6).

(b) Following Kove words are also English loanwords from Tok Pisin, and their forms are different from Tok Pisin forms. Predict their Tok Pisin forms. If multiple answers are possible, write them all.

7. beke   8. bokisi   9. kari   10. satapu

(c) What are the meanings of kari (noun) and satapu (verb)?

⚠ Tok Pisin is a creole based on English and is the official language of Papua New Guinea. Creole is a language nativized by a group of offsprings from speakers of mutually unintelligible languages. Kove belongs to Austronesian. It is spoken by approx. 6,800 people in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea.