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This template creates a table for links to different versions of a given IOL problem.


  • |lang= The name of the language (or system) that this problem focuses on.
  • |auth= The name of the problem author.
  • |auth2= The name of a second problem author (if there is one).
  • |XX= For any given language code, assigning any value (by default 1) to a parameter of that name marks that language as having unofficial translations for this problem.
    For example, if |bn=1, then Bangla will be marked with an asterisk.
  • |page= This parameter is only used when you need to override the page address parameter {{FULLPAGENAME}}.
    For example, it is used in the example below to fetch the language versions of Problems:IOL/2019/i2 instead of Template:Problem page/doc.

Example of usage

The appropriate use of this template for 2019 problem #2 on Yurok with unofficial translations into Finnish (for the sake of demonstration) is as follows:

{{problem page|lang=Yurok|auth=Boris Iomdin|auth2=Samuel Ahmed|fi=1}}

Which looks as follows:

This problem is about Yurok and was written by Boris Iomdin and Samuel Ahmed. Given below are links to the problem in the working languages of the IOL.

Language Problem Solution
English (A) Problems:IOL/2019/i2/en(A)
English Problems:IOL/2019/i2/en
Bangla Problems:IOL/2019/i2/bn
Bulgarian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/bg
Chinese (S) Problems:IOL/2019/i2/zh
Chinese (T) Problems:IOL/2019/i2/zt
Czech Problems:IOL/2019/i2/cs
Danish Problems:IOL/2019/i2/da
Dutch Problems:IOL/2019/i2/nl
English (B) Problems:IOL/2019/i2/en(B)
Estonian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/et
Finnish* Problems:IOL/2019/i2/fi
French Problems:IOL/2019/i2/fr
German Problems:IOL/2019/i2/de
Hungarian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/hu
Japanese Problems:IOL/2019/i2/ja
Korean Problems:IOL/2019/i2/ko
Latvian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/lv
Polish Problems:IOL/2019/i2/pl
Portuguese Problems:IOL/2019/i2/pt(B)
Romanian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/ro
Russian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/ru
Slovenian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/sl
Spanish Problems:IOL/2019/i2/es
Swedish Problems:IOL/2019/i2/sv
Turkish Problems:IOL/2019/i2/tr
Ukrainian Problems:IOL/2019/i2/uk

* Languages marked with an asterisk are unofficial translations.