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The English version of the IOL problem sets are, once in a while, provided in two different versions, namely en(A) and en(B). Everyone assumes that the letters A and B stand for American and British variations of English language but what they stand for are never officially disclosed, presumably to circumvent the accusation of not taking countries other than the US and UK into considerations. Nonetheless, the differences between these two versions are minuscule and some people doubt why even we're having two separate versions. This article outlines the differences between the two versions in all the past problem sets from the IOL.

Date format

The date formatting for the contest date in the title section are different: mmmm d, yyyy in en(A) and d mmmm, yyyy in en(B). (e.g. August 2, 2019 in en(A) and 2 August, 2019 in en(B).


Year Problem en(A) en(B) Notes
2009 Problem 3 Burmese Names mm/dd/yyyy dd/mm/yyyy in data; The only difference I think mattered
2011 Problem 4 Nahuatl mom mum in data
proctor invigilator in instructions
2013 Problem 5 Telepathy airplane aeroplane in data
2014 Problem 2 Kiowa buffalo bison in data
Problem 4 Engenni dialog dialogue in instructions
Problem 5 Northern Gbaya center centre in question (c)
2015 Problem 3 Soundex analyze analyse in instructions
Problem 5 Somali meter metre in instructions
2019 Problem 3 Book Pahlavi script sulfur sulphur in data
color colour in data